The NUS Centre for Additive Manufacturing (AM.NUS) leverages the University’s world-class faculties, expertise and advanced capabilities in 3D printing technology. NUS seeks to bring innovative products to the field of healthcare that will improve patient outcomes and change lives for the better. AM.NUS will explore a whole new dimension in medicine, applying groundbreaking 3D printing technology for personalized patient treatments. The Centre is supported by National Additive Manufacturing Cluster (NAMIC) and Singapore Economic Development Board.

5 Key Thrusts

The Centre focuses on five main areas of expertise.
featured_image Surgical Instruments, Simulation & Prosthetics
featured_image Restorative Repair and Implants
featured_image AM Enabled Medicine
featured_image 3D Bioprinting for Tissue Repair
featured_image Oral Health and Craniofacial Applications